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School Profile

Hayneville Middle School

Hayneville Middle School is a middle school located in Lowndes County, Alabama just west of Montgomery, Alabama. Lowndes County is located in the Black Belt of Alabama. Hayneville Middle serves students in grades sixth through eighth. HMS is one of two middle schools in the Lowndes County School System. Hayneville Middle School average daily membership is about 150 to 175. Hayneville Middle mainly

serves four communities in Lowndes County: Hayneville, Mosses, White Hall, and Burkeville.

Historically, Lowndes County has been a low income area. During the school year, 100% of HMS students were on free or reduced lunch. HMS is a Title I school. HMS is majority African American. This is reflective of a county in which African Americans make up the majority. 


HMS has a self-contained unit to meet the needs of middle school age students who have disabilities that may prevent them from learning at the pace of other students. The unit is assigned one special education teacher and one paraprofessional to assist.